Uxbridge College

Photo Booth Hire Uxbridge

As an ex-student of the college it was great to have our photo booth at Uxbridge College’s 50th Anniversary reunion (www.uxbridge.ac.uk/). We had the Mayor of Hillingdon in the booth posing for a few shots in funny props. I even bumped in to an old lecturer from 32 years ago, lovely lady Anne Harrington ! Am I really that old ?

It’s changed a bit since I went there from 1981 to 1983. They’ve added more buildings and the canteen is a lot nicer.


1965: first opened and have been educating and training people ever since.

The origins of the College date back before 1965,  to 29 January 1935 when the Uxbridge Urban District Council passed a resolution calling for the need of a technical school.  Approval was given by Middlesex County Council in 1937 for 5.34 acres of Hillingdon Farm Estate to be used for a Technical Institute.

The outbreak of World War II in 1939 put the development on hold and a food production committee commandeered the area for growing vegetables and other crops.  Under the terms of the 1944 Education Act, the local authority prepared a plan for the Ministry of Education, which included Uxbridge Technical College in the reserve list of the 1952/53 building programme


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