I’m having a photographer so why do I need a photo booth?

Our photo booths are all about having fun, they complement and work well alongside a traditional photographer as our they offer a completely different experience. You can get some great formal photos from a photographer but people really let their hair down and have fun in the privacy of our photo booths. We offer lots of props, wigs and accessories if your guests feel like dressing up. You’ll have lots of informal and fun photos of your guests that a traditional photographer wouldn’t get. No more need to buy throwaway cameras for the tables and have the hassle of getting them developed later. Everyone loves taking selfies and our booths offer the ultimate professional selfie experience.

What quality are the photos?

Excellent. All photos are taken with a high quality professional digital SLR camera. In fact it’s the same camera that many professional photographers use. The photos are printed within seconds on our state of the art thermal dye sublimation printers, the same ones that the photo processing companies use. The prints are durable, dry, waterproof and will not fade.

How big are the photo booths and where should they go?

Oooeer missus! We could go into exact measurements but who really cares? Our booths need a space of about 2 metres high by 2 metres wide by 2 metres long and need to be placed on a flat, solid, level floor indoors near a power socket. We haven’t come across a venue yet where they don't fit. We suggest the booth is placed near the dance floor where everyone can see it and get to it easily. Our pods obviously need much less room.

How many people fit in a booth?

Up to 8 adults at the same time.

How easy are they to use?

Very easy. Our booths have touch screens which give you a variety of options (background, colour, video message etc.) then you just look at the camera and smile. Our booth attendant will tell you what to do and be on hand in case anyone has any questions.

Do you charge for travel?

There is a small petrol charge for venues over an hour away from Heathrow (that’s by car not plane!)

Are you insured?

All of our equipment is fully PAT tested and we have public liability insurance of £5 million.

What if any of the equipment stops working?

We carry a full set of spares which only take a few minutes to replace.

How long do they take to set up?

Our Luxury Photo Booths take about 45 minutes to set up and our LED Booths and Photo Pods only take 15 minutes to set up.

Any hidden costs?

The only extras we charge for are petrol (if more than an hour away) and idle time (if you want us to set up a long time before our start time or delay packing away after our finish time). All of your guests will get a free set of prints but there will be the opportunity for them to buy additional items such as framed photos and keyrings for which they will need to pay a small cost.

Everything else is included in the standard charge (unlimited visits and prints, props, green screen, video, social media uploads, photo album (costs extra if you book a booth for under 3 hours), booth attendant, USB of all images and videos taken at your event.

What about the photo album?

Every time your guests use the booth they get a copy of the photos and another copy is printed for your photo album. This is immediately added to your album and your guests are encouraged to write a personal message to you on the same page. This produces great lasting memories for you. You also get a USB stick after the event with all of the images and video messages taken on the night.

When do we pay?

You will need to pay a £150 deposit via online banking in order to secure the booking and then the balance is due via online banking 7 days before your event.

What if you don’t turn up?

We’ve never missed an event yet but if there was an unforeseen event such as an avalanche or earthquake and our transportation had blown up and there was absolutely no way anything could be done to get to you, someone would inform you immediately and give you a full refund.


I really recommend SelfieSnaps, my friends and I had a blast using the photo booth. It's a must for any party or wedding etc.
Amanda Saphir

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