Our luxury, top of the range photo booths use state of the art hardware and software. They look fantastic, use easy to operate touchscreens and produce amazing high definition photos and videos. The unique features which separate us from most of our competitors are:

Photo Album, signed by your guests makes a lovely addition to any party.

Album pages new (square)

Green Screen Technology

Our luxury, solid structure booths have green screen which means we offer a wide range of fun and Immersive backgrounds.



We can also create any background that you want, which is great for themed events.





Our software can add anything to your photos, for example; your names, company logos, advertising slogans and special offer tokens. If you have a special image that you want to use as a background we can add it to our green screen software.




For an additional cost outer booth covers (skins) can be customised with your company branding or logo or a large photo of the wedding couple or party star. In fact we can print anything you like on our outer skins to make your event truly unique to you.

Santa Cabin Booth

Chesterfield Booth

Las Vegas Booth

If your guests would like a fun and unique experience, our Luxury Booths can video them in slow motion and add these videos to your free USB stick.
We provide you with a unique hashtag (#) to give to your guests so that any photos they take on their own phones during the event can be instantly uploaded to our photo booth for printing and inclusion on your free USB stick.


pinkMicrophone Filled-50
You choose a hit song for the evening and your guests can sing along whilst on video. We then cut the best bits throughout the evening and present you with a ‘mash-up’ video of all your friends performing the song.
Surveys & Data Collection
A great way to capture email addresses and customer feedback at trade shows or marketing events, as used by Microsoft, BBC & Coca Cola.
Facial Recognition
If you don't want to use our props then let our the software in our Luxury Booth do the job for you.
It tracks your face and puts funny eyes or moustaches on your photo.
You can even replace your head with David Beckham!